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Financial Reporting Valuations


All Asset Appraisals provides fair and accurate valuations in accordance with all accounting audit regulations and standards for the purposes of financial reporting. All assets and liabilities are valued to determine a fair value measurement. 

Why does my business need Financial Reporting Valuations?

Often businesses are required to use financial reporting valuations as a means to the value of any property, plant and equipment assets that are held by the organisation. Marsh so tactfully explains that a valuation may be required to show your businesses investment in the equipment as part of the organisations financial reports.

Financial Reporting Valuation is an easy process for businesses to undertake. All Asset Appraisals typically include Finance Managers, Insurance and/or Risk Managers and those responsible for the organisations insurance in the valuation process to ensure it is carried out as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Recent Financial Reporting Valuations

All Asset Appraisals prepares plant and equipment valuations for numerous reporting purposes. We have experience in all industries and asset classes. Recent assessments include:

    • Mining plant and equipment
    • Dental practices
    • Restaurants
    • Metal heat treatment facility
    • Medical laboratories – fertility clinics
    • Motor vehicle manufacturing
    • Fashion and retail stores
    • Gyms
    • Power stations
    • Major government earthmoving and road construction assets
    • Coal handling facility

Get in Touch

All Asset Appraisals is an experienced team that has been providing professional financial valuations for over 30 years. The specific circumstances and asset type will determine what approach and methods our experts will use to establish the valuation. For a fair and accurate valuation, speak to a valuer today