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Family Law Valuations

Family Law ValuationWhat are Family Law Valuations?

When two parties decide to end their financial relationship through the separation of their marriage or de facto relationship, a property and asset valuation is an important step to manage. Family law valuations are strongly encouraged to help settle any disagreements. Property settlements especially can be an emotional experience when assets are divided up and allocated. If an agreement cannot be reached, engaging a professional valuer to assess the current market value can often ease disputes between both parties. Our expert valuers examine the property, its condition, fittings and fixtures, design and many other factors to determine fair market value.

When is a Family Law Valuation required?

Many people believe that a Family Law Valuation is only used in a dispute filled separation. This is not always the case. Acumentis states, ‘In our experience having a clear equitable value can often save both parties a lot of time, money and angst.’

A Family Law Valuation just sets out the exact value of property or assets involved in the separation. This avoids any situation where either party can disagree with the value determined by the other. An independent valuation takes any questions or arguing out of the settlement process.

How Can All Assets Appraisals Help You?

All Asset Appraisals is the leading valuation company specialising in family law valuations. We understand the angst and heartache involved in family law settlements. With a duty to the court, there is no circumstance too difficult. We are fully conversant with Family Law Court Rules and work hard to provide outcomes that are fair to all concerned. Speak to a valuer who specialises in and deals with family law matters every day.

All Asset Appraisals practice in full accordance set by the Australian Property Institute (API). We are highly regarded in Family Law Valuations and often directed by the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court of Australia and Family Court of Western Australia. Our valuers are Certified Practising Valuers with the Auctioneers & Valuers Association of Australia (AVAA) and Australian Property Institute (API) and participate in stringent professional development courses and activities.

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We know our results impact real people and, all assessments are conducted with the utmost care and respect. For a completely independent and impartial administration of family law valuations, contact All Asset Appraisals today.