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Valuation Services

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About All Asset Appraisals

All Asset Appraisals is your one-stop-shop valuation services provider. For an accurate valuation and peace of mind, choose All Asset Appraisals. We have been in the industry for over 30 years and our team of expert valuers have an extensive wealth of knowledge and understanding of valuations across a wide range of asset valuations. Our common areas of valuation services include; family law valuations, decease estate valuations, insurance valuations and financial reporting valuations. Rest assured, our accredited valuers will provide an accurate valuation service for any tangible asset, for any purpose that will require an appraisal.

Why Would I Need An Appraisal?

Appraisals provide an insight into your asset’s potential market value at that current point in time and why you need one can vary for a number of different reasons. Common reasons to need an appraisal include, taking legal action for a dispute, valuing estates or gifting, mergers and acquisitions, insurance and financial reporting to name a few.

Our Asset Valuation Services:

Deceased Estate Valuations

The administration of a deceased estate can be a stressful and emotional time for beneficiaries. An independent valuation will provide a fair assessment of the total value of assets that take the stress out of settlement. Assets valued can include property and personal belongings. Click here to view a list of assets we have valued. We provide a fair valuation report for beneficiaries. If you believe the valuation of the estate’s property is unjust, we can provide a probate valuation up until the estate’s date of death, confirming the fair market value from any specific date.

Family Law Valuations

All Asset Appraisals are the leader in Family Law valuations and we are regularly appointed directly by the Federal Courts. Our assessments are carried out with the utmost care and respect. In the event of a separation or divorce, a valuer can provide a fair and accurate assessment of assets and of jointly owned property(s), to help you reach an agreement through the negotiation or mediation phase.

Insurance Valuations

To protect your home or business and to insure them properly, it is important to understand it’s value and/or assets. A valuation for your insurance is sometimes referred to as a replacement cost assessment. This determines the replacement costs of the building/assets if the unexpected occurs. In the event of a claim, having the correct insurance cover is crucial to saving you money in the long haul. Make sure you’re paying the appropriate amount and are covered properly with an insurance valuation.

Financial Reporting Valuations

Our expert valuation team provide professional asset valuations services for numerous financial reporting purposes. All Asset Appraisals declare correct and fair valuations in accordance with the latest accounting standards. Click through to see what services we provide financial reporting for.

We Welcome All Enquiries

For circumstances where other valuation services are required, we welcome your enquiry. Get in touch, phone and speak to a valuer today.